The snowball effect: study, tickets and delivery trips

Life tends to snowball for us.

We made a spontaneous decision a few weeks ago to drive our car back to the Whitsundays for Damon to do some study.

He finally got around to putting his sea-time in for review by MSQ of which it was approved; then looked for courses of which one was happening in Airlie two weeks later; now he is a Coxswain and the rest is history.

It all seemed to fall into place, making it an easy decision. We had been sick again following our trip to Melbourne and the weather had been shitty. We needed to get our car back to Airlie anyway… So we decided to take off.

The day we left the boat there were three things that pulled us up and made us ask the question ‘is this the right decision?’

  1. It rained the night before prohibiting us from pulling our awning down and stowing it away (This was our preference as putting it away wet in the tropics would be disastrous upon our return i.e. mould)
  2. While Damo was ensuring the awning was tied nice and tight, he came across a small electrical fire smouldering away on one of the solar panels…. no biggey for a Marine Electrician but certainly a perturbing experience none the less and this little activity certainly held up our departure and caused a bit of chaos to the packing up process
  3. And finally, once we got ashore following the safe passage generously provided to us by a new friend and after waving goodbye to said friend, we realised… we left a bag of fresh food sitting on the dining table inside the port side! After about 20 minutes Damo had negotiated to lend a dinghy and about 40 minutes following this returned with a bag of food in hand. Relief.

So! After all of this rigmarole, we headed off making it back to Airlie in record time (it literally took us 7.5 hours even with stopping for lunch and a play), which was our reward for the chaos experienced in the morning.

Damon completed his Coxswains course and is now commencing preparations to deliver a boat from Port Douglas to Brisbane (which came about from a friend of a friend), while Cid and I chill a bit longer with family and friends awaiting our skippers return.

Like I said, life seems to snowball for us.

We make plans, they get delayed or waylayed or held up or changed. Its not a big deal, we’re enjoying the ride and things always seem to work out eventually.

The positive thing with Damon taking this job and delaying our return to Ocelot is that it has allowed me more time to spend at home, which has worked out perfectly as I am able to support my family with some important events that happen to be occurring this week. The timing could be considered impeccable, or the stars aligning, or fate or the occult or just plain old shit happening but either way…

Life’s a snowball.. roll with it.

Keep Sailing 🙂



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