A Whirlwind Tour of Victoria

We have had a bit going on since our last post.

We have just returned from a Whirlwind trip of Victoria. The reason for us travelling to Victoria was for a very unfortunate circumstance, a loss in the family. However; we were able to enjoy spending time with Damon’s Uncles, Aunties, Cousins and meeting their new additions and them meeting ours, which does not happen too often due to the distance that exists between our homes.

Just so you know it is typically 30 degrees in Cairns at the moment (we have not had to wear a jumper all year during our progression north during winter)it’s sunny and hot… when we arrived in Melbourne it was sunny but crisp 9 degrees. So for North Queenslander’s this translates to “frickin’ freezing”.

It was Cid’s first time on a plane and he did amazingly. No drama’s with his ears what so ever and no screaming tears, which we were dreading. Daddy on the other hand… well… his ear drum nearly burst! Damon wasn’t 100% when we flew, he had had temperatures for a couple of days before and generally felt terrible… I have never seen him so cranky. He wasn’t excited about flying and with good reason (though we didn’t know this at the time)… During the flight he couldn’t equalize his left ear drum and had to venture to a doctor when we landed who advised that he had an ear infection, required penicillin and shouldn’t have flown. It took a couple of days for the anti-biotics to kick in, but once he could equalize his ears again, Damon was back to his old self. The lesson learned here… temperatures in combination with crankiness and no other signs of illness probably equals an ear infection… this goes for little and big kids alike.


We met up with Cid’s Nana when we arrived and stayed at Airbnb most of the way at some lovely places which I would thoroughly recommend if they meet your needs. For those of you who haven’t heard of Airbnb it “… is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world …. Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries” (Airbnb.com). Basically, people either rent out their houses/apartments or a room, which you can stay in rather than stay in an overpriced, stark, musty motel room with crap pillows.

The first night we stay in Brunswick (inner city) at this quaint little place a short stroll from two main shopping/eating districts Sydney Road and Lygon Street, (which is apparently where you want to be). Easy access to the Trams to get wherever you need, literally a minute stroll away. It was a renovated Victorian home which had a nice cosy but modern feel to it. It really did just feel like being at home, albeit someone else’s.

The next day we ventured off in the hire car to Sale (North East of Melbourne) to meet with family. Due to their being a large group of us we all stayed at this very well appointed house which include a heated spa and amazing central heating (as it was freaking cold!). We spent two nights here and enjoyed long hot showers, cable tv and a big flat screen!


Following this we took the scenic route back to the City via Korumburra and spent a night at Cream cottage which was delightful in every way (also great heating!). An old Victorian miners cottage, fitted out with authentic furnishings; the daffodils and camellias were out in bloom everywhere it was just lovely.

After a quick stop in the little town of Loch to look at antiques and grab some homemade morning tea we headed into Melbourne and stayed near Victoria Markets at this new inner city apartment. It was a short walk to the main shopping district and very close to everything.


While we were in the City we walked head on into the #refugeeswelcome march which naturally we joined and listened to the speakers outside of the state library. We love visiting Melbourne, there is great food, culture, art and lots to do if you’ve got kiddos (aside from the fact that its insanely cold, its awesome!) Surprisingly, there was a day (the day we went to the Zoo) the temperature was actually normal.. as in 24 degrees. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and all I wished was that I had packed a pair of shorts!

wwtViczooWe then headed to Hepburn Springs / Daylesford to visit friends and we stayed at LingaLonga which was lovely little Victorian cottages with comfy beds, amazing heating and a fireplace! Which was needed as it was under 10 degrees the whole time we were there. We checked out the Mill Markets which is just a treat in itself even if you don’t find something you absolutely have to buy. We headed to the park where you can fill a bottle of natural mineral water from the springs; Cid fed the ducks by the lake and we found some good books to bring home to read. The morning we left it was 3 degrees outside with evidence of the cold night before left by ice all over our car. Brrrrr!

We are back in Cairns now, slowly getting organised to head off again and make our way up to Lizard Island. I say slowly, as currently Cid and I have a flu-thing going on but hopefully after a couple more days it will be cleared. We have been doing the regular reprovisioning, filling gas, fuel and water, doing the dreaded washing, unpacking the bags from our trip and reorganising the boat. All of this would normally probably only take a day or two but so far its taken five and there is still a few things left to do.

It seems we have not been able to shake sickness away since we returned from our month long trip home several weeks ago; with each of us seeming to take it in turns as to who has it. I am trying my best not to attribute this to the fact of being in Cairns; but being unwell has limited us in our movements at times, generally because it occurs when the weather is good! Unfortunately it feels like we have spent more time in the inlet than out on the water, however; it has given us the chance to explore Cairns and the surrounding areas of the Tablelands which I’ll post about soon.

And for now that will just about do it.

Here are some shots of Melbourne street art…





*** please not this is not a sponsored post; just letting you know the cool places we stayed and via Airbnb which was our first time using it and we will use it again because it was awesome!


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