Making A Cubby on a boat

So the captains left me alone on the boat one day with some paint…

Cid has always climbed into the void space under our navigation desk / change table in our starboard hull, which has primarily been used for storage of charts, nappies, bags etc. it really was just a messy space that he would pull the contents out of repeatedly and I would play the game of putting it all back properly after he complied with his request to return the items to where he found them.


I decided to turn this space into a cubby for Cid. I instantly had in mind what I would do so I stowed the things that normally resided under the nav station in other locations. This space is not faired but had been painted roughly by previous owners, which is understandable as it is a small, awkward space with a walk-through of about 40cm between it and the cupboards on the port side of the hull. I merely gave it a rough freshen up myself, while twisted in all sorts of uncomfortable positions.

I went to Bunnings to get some paint samples, made a template from the cardboard of a wheet-bix box and went to town.

I didn’t end up doing what I originally intended (which was a two-tone water feature) as it was a bigger job than I thought it would be (which Damon of course told me so)… and although its not perfect like what you see on pinterest I think it’s pretty darn good.

Here are the progress shots…








The Master in his stateroom.


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