And we’re BACK: Cairns to Airlie and back again..

We spent two weeks in Cairns before driving back to the Whitsundays for a visit and now we’re back!

While we were away, we left Ocelot on a private jetty owned by some lovely people for a quarter of the cost of a marina berth. So we decided to stay at home a little longer to spend time with family and were there for nearly a month all up. We had a jam packed schedule with a family wedding, cuddles with new babies, pregnant bellies and seriously 6 months worth of play dates and this was just what Cid was up to!

Now we are back on the boat with the luxury of having our car here to do some land based travel for when the weather is a bit average. Unfortunately, we havent had great weather while being in Cairns, its been mostly strong winds and rain. We want to explore some of the reefs here before heading further north and for that we need lighter winds as apparently none of the anchorages are any good in over 20 knots.

We have made a few road trips since being back, a day trip to Port Douglas and a trip to Kuranda and Barron Falls (pictured below) which was stunning, naturally and would be amazing to see in the wet. While Cairns is overflowing with tourist attactions and activities there are a lot of free or cheap things to do around the place as well, though obviously some are easier to access with some wheels. We hope to explore a bit more of the tablelands before heading north in the boat while we have a car at our disposal.

Since arriving back we have all been a little under the weather, but as our luck would have it a weather window opened up for a few glorious days. We said to ourselves… while we feel like crap, we are only going to be sitting on the boat… So we may as well sit on the boat in a better location! This is why we are here after all? So after a cracking sail to windward a few hours later we arrived at the pristine waters of Fitzroy Island.

 The beauty of travelling in your home is that you can take it with you…

While this was our second stop at Fitzroy it definately was a better place to recover than the husle and bustle of Trinity Inlet. We spent four nights at Fitzroy before it started to get bouncy with the buod up from stronger winds, then we had a quick downwind sail back to Cairns to restock and await the next window and hopefully get out to the reef, which is going to be tomorrow YAY!

  (Approaching Fitzroy Island you can see that changes in the water colour and quality)

You may have noticed its been a while since we last posted on here, of which the main reason is laziness and being distracted by the beauty that surrounds us; but also we’ve had some glitches with internet and hardware but all is working now. You will notice that we have changed our blog address and you can now find us at We hope to reinvigorate the imagination for blog posts, even if its just a bit more of what we are up to and some pics…

And on that note, ill sign off with exactly that 😀



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