Where in the world..

Where in the world have we been? Well not many places really.

We decided to take three days to sail from Bowen to Magnetic Island, stopping at Cape Upstart and Cape Bowling Green. This was mainly due to learning that Cid has his limits being underway. 6 hours is generally it, particularly if its a bit bouncy, which it was (we have since done longer days, but the weather was lighter). The day we left Bowen we had strong winds and after a bit of protest from the cabin boy we decided to head into Cape Upstart. Upstart was a good anchorage in the strong winds and we were glad to go there as we were originally going to skip it and go to Bowling green. The next day was much lighter and we had toyed with continuing on to Magnetic or Cape Cleveland, but after the lesson we learned from the day before we decided to pull into Bowling Green, which in hindsight we wished we skipped as it was terrible! As soon as we rounded into Bowling Green bay we were faced with a strong head wind and due to it being shallow and tidal, lets just say it was not a very comfortable anchorage. Another lesson learned! As soon as we could the next morning we were out of there and had a lovely sail to Magnetic spotting turtles, dolphins and even a sea snake swimming along.

So the lesson learned from this lesson is not to learn the lessons learned because they may not be lessons after all…

We hung around Magnetic Island for about a month as Damon picked up a job rewiring a boat of who we made some new friends Bryce & Alissa (you can check out their adventures here) and we also had a few trips to and from Townsville for family things. Cid and I spent a lot of time walking to and from the parks admiring the many birds that reside there (Cid is obsessed with Birds).

Since leaving Magnetic Island, we journeyed onto Orpheus Island, Lucinda, Hinchenbrook Island, Dunk Island, Mourilyan Harbour and Innisfail where we are currently tucked up the river near the CBD… in the rain.

I thought I’d do a bit of a breakdown of what we found helpful at each anchorage..

Magnetic Island

  • Lots of parks for kids to play in
  • supermarkets to top up food ~ coles and woolies also deliver to the island
  • Easy bus system to get around
  • Ferry service is $35 ish return to Townsville
  • Lots of wildlife to look at including many birds of prey
  • An awesome bakery!

Orpheus Island

  • A green zone which goes without saying great snorkelling ~ we saw 5 shovel nose sharks from the beach, the water is crystal clear
  • nice beach, bush walks


  • A great park for kids to play in
  • You can get Gas refilled & Fuel
  • The resort their has laundry facilities which they let you use ($2.20 per load)
  • the pub shop has a few fruit & veg for sale, bread, milk etc.
  • there aren’t too many sandflies…

Hinchenbrook Channel

  • Hinchenbrook Island is spectacular to look at, it seriously could be the backdrop to an epic fantasy novel
  • the mosquitoes and sandflies were thick, and with our screens (that I finally got around to making after our friends Alissa & Bryce lent me their amazing Sailrite sewing machine while Damon wired their boat) we only spent one night in Hinchenbrook then hightailed it out of there.

Dunk Island

  • Dunk was great, a tad swelly in the afternoons
  • The kiosk is open fri-sun and they sell ice-cream and beer so all of the crew were happy
  • Great bush walks
  • a free hot shower!
  • there are bins and taps there (though I’m not sure you’re meant to use these)
  • if you have a small child and head there we left Cid’ beach ball and good shoes there, so help yourself 🙂

Mourilyan Harbour

  • Obviously calm
  • boat ramp with pontoon to tie your dinghy to
  • the Coastguard has toilets and a hot shower you can use for a donation, and a partially fenced grassy area if your young ones need a run; they are also very helpful and nice people, if they are around go and have a chat
  • There is not shop there anymore so if you are desperate for supplies, Innisfail is the next stop or a $42 cab fare each way (or so we were quoted) or just hang around the boat ramp and I’m sure you would get a lift
  • I made Damon eat a few lentil curries as we were getting low on just about everything.


  • Has everything, supermarket is close by
  • You can anchor close to town, though it is shallow in spots
  • there is a boat ramp to use, but nowhere to tie your dinghy really
  • The Marina allows you to use their dock, you just need to get in touch with them to work out details and for a key
  • There is a big play ground on river bank and plenty of activities to do locally (if you are here for a little while)

Overall, we haven’t had the best weather, its been strong winds and rain mostly with a few days of sunshine thrown in randomly. We are hanging here for a little bit longer then continuing onto Cairns hopefully via Fitzroy and Green Islands, but we will see what hand we are dealt.

Damon is currently pricing slipways as Ocelot is due for an antifoul soon and we hope to do this next month. We have some land travel coming up as we have a family wedding to attend at the beginning of July so we are looking forward to catching up with family and friends again very soon.

Its been quite a while since I have posted on here and I dare say the next post will be all photos, once I get my phone back working again. We update the facebook page pretty regularly so check us out there.

Til next time…

Bec, Damon & Cid


image from pinterest
image from pinterest



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