Dolphins truly are remarkable

We haven’t posted in a while… mainly because we have simply been busy do everything and nothing at the same time. Also, I haven’t quite developed the ‘habit’ of blogging regularly. I’m a bit of a binger… do a few posts then nothing for a while.. then another few. Similar to any healthy diet or exercise regime I’ve ever tried. Goes great for a while, but the sneaky laziness always gets in there somewhere.. then we start again. Any way…

A friend of my mum’s asked “what do you do on a boat all day, seriously”.

I told her the short answer.. “bits and pieces… Cid takes up most of the day (he literally does) and when he is having naps we try to attempt tasks on the endless list, or read books, make food, do the same things you do in a house”.

Some days are simple and easy and like this. Other days, as fellow yachties would know, can involve carting 100’s of Litres of water; re-provisioning; finding mysterious leaks; dealing with a blocked toilet (OMG!); fixing a broken outboard and an abundance of small things that break or need a freshen up; outside of the sailing and moving anchorages which can take a few hours to a few days depending on where you are going and the weather etc. Basically there is always something to do; but there is plenty of moments for downtime too, which admittedly we have been relishing in lately.

Over the past few weeks we have been meandering in between Airlie Beach and out at the Whitsunday Islands. Last week there were very light winds which allowed us to hang around the northern side of Hook Island which has lovely bays with amazing snorkeling. Usually these anchorages are exceptionally busy with charter and bare boats and to be honest they can be a tad rolly in stronger winds. However; suprisingly we were at times the only boat in a bay for hours and had it all to ourselves which is very rare and it was dead calm.

We had a couple of nights in Nara Inlet before heading back to Airlie to top up supplies and pick Cid’s Nana up for a few nights away. Again, during the day we were the only boat in this massive inlet, crazy! Anyway, on our first night there, Cid went to bed no worries however; around 10pm there were some knocking noises on the hull which we attributed to fish running into us. This however; woke the little tacker up and he struggled to settle back to sleep for a while. Finally, he fell back asleep only for it to start raining… this is now around 11.30pm. I quickly headed over to the port hull to shut the hatches and when I was heading back to the other side there was a cracking THUD underneath me; which I did give a little squeal and alarmed Damon. Our conversation then transpired something like this…

What was that?” “Are you ok?”

“Yeah I think a fish hit the boat and it sounds like a turtle is here? … Hang on its breathing too fast to be a turtle”

“Ill get the torch” “What is that?”

“Hmmm its Dolphins.. bloody Dolphins! haha”

Now at the bow “Whooa check out the fish jumping out of the water! These guys are winning tonight”.

We watched the two Dolphins do several laps around the boat; swim out to the entrance of the bay we were anchored in and zoom back in stirring up a flurry of fish… And then… THUD BANG BANG BANG bang BANG Bang BANG..

“Holy shit! What was that?!”

We run aft to find a Mackerel flapping about on deck.

 “Who says we never go fishing?”

The Dolphins chased fish for a little bit longer and came up close to us to say Hi; then swam off waving their tails and doing flips almost as if to say “so long and thanks for all the fish”. Dolphins truly are amazing creatures. What is even more amazing, is that Cid slept through this entire ordeal, even though that original tiny bump woke him up, go figure?

And this is the fish we caught… with out boat…


We have just got back from a few nights at Woodwark Bay with Nana. It was a wild sail yesterday tacking back into the bay but hey Ocelot cracked new record speeds which always keeps the Skipper happy.

We are planning to head North in the next couple of days and are doing lots of jobs over the next two day which include carting water, provisioning, washing, some paperwork stuff etc. etc.

Here are a few pics from the last couple of weeks to keep you amused. I will post more as soon as I can find the bloody cord for the camera!


Bec, Damo & Cid

no wind
no wind
sunset from Stonehaven, Hook Island.
sunset from Stonehaven, Hook Island.
motoring through the narrows towards butterfly bay, no wind.
motoring through the narrows towards butterfly bay, little wind.
Cid's Nana at the helm
Cid’s Nana at the helm
I crocheted a little basket for all the little bits to go in so they are not piling up on the table
I crocheted a little basket for all the little bits to go in so they are not piling up on the table
made some vegemite and cheese scrolls yum!
made some vegemite and cheese scrolls yum!
blurry dolphin
blurry dolphin









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