Family Values

Personal and family values is something that has come up quite a few times in discussion with our friends and family lately. This somehow seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds and even seems to be popping up around the internet quite a bit recently, even in this video I came across while wasting a portion of my life on facebook.

Perhaps it is due to the start of the new year, people are trying to realign themselves with where they want to be or where they think they should be?

Often people, parents, others, whoever; talk about their beliefs particularly in regards to raising children. Cloth versus disposable nappies. Breast versus bottle fed. Convenience food versus homemade or organic. Bed sharing versus separate sleeping areas. Routine versus baby/child led. Mainstream schooling versus home/unschooling… etc. etc. and the list goes on and on.

However; while people will tell you what they would do with their own child, and perhaps pass judgement on what others are doing without completely understanding their circumstances (we have all done this); what is often not discussed is why this is our belief and what our values are.


family values
The Confidence Gap ~ Dr. Russ Harris


Some people are not aware of exactly what a value is. Truth be told it can be anything that you believe. They are different for everyone.

Values are what influence the decisions we make; the way we choose to live our life; the way we interact with other people; the way that we parent a child. Sometimes when the way we are living our life does not match our values, conflict arises… then clearly, it’s time to go sailing! (well for us anyway)

Our values are what influence our attitudes towards the ideas of happiness and success and the general outlook we have about life. If you are living by your values, it doesn’t seem matter what anyone else thinks, says or does about what you are doing in your life; its almost as if the rest of the world does not matter and the only thing that does is the present moment. We feel a sense of purpose and reward when we are living by our values.

Some of the things that we value are our independence, freedom, creativity, and the want for a simple, easy, sustainable life; which is I guess, why we choose to take off on adventures of this kind and live pretty minimally in the meantime. They are also what is driving us to provide Cid with an enriching life of learning, adventure and experience, which we hope to sustain over our lifetimes on both land and sea.

I’m curious what you think about the idea of values influencing your decisions? And what, if you have a think about it, are your values? Are you living by them? And what things can you change in your life to live by your values?





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