a driving cruise..

So, we are currently in 1770… that is, the historic Town of Seventeen Seventy. We had always had the rough idea that we would cruise down here on the boat and meet up with our mate Pete for Damon to do some work on his trimaran. 1770 and Pancake Creek were some of our favourite anchorages when we cruised up the coast a couple of years ago and we had hoped to spend some time with Cid in these anchorages as well. However; plans change all the time and we have learned to “just go with it”; without worrying about where, when and how things pan out.

With the weather previously being strong winds from the South; and then a cyclone that ended up being a category 5! (which actually hit just north of 1770, though we had no effect from this in the Whitsundays, apart from not a breath of breeze); we decided to go on a driving cruise… or a working holiday… where Damon gets to work and I get to holiday :).

The drive down was pretty good for an 7 hour drive which took us closer to 9 with stops. Cid only slept for an hour the entire time (bless him) and actually was pretty good if someone sat in the back with him, reading books, yes, the same ones over and over..

As we approached Rockhampton, Queensland, the aftermath of TC Marcia was becoming evident, with trees down and branches thrown all over the place. We didn’t see a lot of building damage apart from broken business signs and more debris however; the locals stated that many of the older houses in town and a lot of houses at Yeppoon were badly damaged. There are still 35,000 houses without power. Continuing onto 1770, there was a similar outlook as we passed through the small towns along the highway until the debris stopped appearing.

Following this weather event, we had very light northerly winds around the Whitsundays, so instead of sweating our buts of in the Marina we headed out to the islands for a couple of nights and sweated out there instead, before driving south, which was magic. We anchored in Macona Inlet, Hook Island and just lived the life. We did very few jobs on the boat and mainly just hung out, explored the little beaches with Cid, and relaxed.

We are friendly and social people however; we really dislike it when people anchor too close. This always seems to be the way, people feel safer in numbers perhaps, but its really quite annoying when you are in a huge bay with lots of little pockets to have all to yourself, and instead of doing that people decide to anchor on top of each other, and some were silly enough to anchor next to us.

The funny side to this, is that Cid has be slowly getting back into routine following teeth, the flu, family visits on land, more teeth etc. and has been having waking periods during the night where he cries for a little bit because he has forgotten how to fall back asleep without someone (me) comforting him. So we had a couple of nights where this has been happening. You can imagine being in an inlet, with little wind, surrounded by high peaking hills, sound carries and possibly echos. The funny bit right.. Each morning quite early the boats that were near us tended to lift their picks and high tail out of there, which is probably what they had planned all along however; in our slightly sleep deprived states this was our little satisfaction for them anchoring near us. (So future yachts ye be warned! lol.. just kidding… kinda).

After a great few days out there we cannot wait to get back to the boat after our driving cruise to head out and reap the rewards of all the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into Ocelot. But for now, we are enjoying a week or so in 1770 which is a great spot to come by land or sea if you get the chance. Damon is off at work today set to commence a re-wire which we will post more about soon.

I have no photos to share at the moment as my phone is on the fritz (a little drop of salt made its way inside) and this has become the trusty camera, but we will try to share some soon. You can check out our instagram account for pics that we have shared there, if you want, or are extremely bored..

’til next time!



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