Just go with it…

Just go with it

“Just go with it” has become our motto/mantra for 2015.

This came about from a discussion we had, following a post I read, about ‘if we could pick a word for the year to represent hopes, dreams, feelings’ etc. what it would be. Our words have kind of morphed into this motto or mantra so to speak which has fitted our current predicament perfectly.

Todo list just go with it

We left the marina and have anchored in the bay, but we have not “left” yet. We thought six months ago that we would have set sail weeks ago, but its ok; we tell ourselves “just go with it”.

Cid loves to feed himself, he is a big boy now, Mr. Independent. He geneally makes a huge mess, even when it looks like he’s eaten it all, there always seems to be a smear of something in the most unsuspecting places; other times he just flings food from one side of the boat to the other. But it’s all good.. We “just go with it”.

Things have happened that have delayed our imaginary departure date; things that we cannot control or easily change. We have had car breakages (yes expensive ones), dingy swaps, doctors appointments, back injuries (which won’t mend quickly when the outboard breaks and you need to row two adults, a baby and an array of groceries, stroller etc. back to the boat which now seems anchored a fair way out), and on top of this the weather being anything but awesome to head south in. But we can’t do much about this but say “just go with it”.

So while our next move falls into our laps (no, we don’t have a plan) we have just been hanging out; ticking boxes on the to-do list; enjoying life aboard; living life as a holiday and playing tourist in our own town, which is really nice! We recommend trying this where you live (if you don’t already), do those things you don’t normally do when life gets too busy; simply enjoy yourself and your family and “just go with it”.

Since we haven’t really been up to too much, here are some pics to amuse you with… Our home. We hope you are loving life!

Cid harness


Starboard looking forward

Port galley storage


Coffee galley


On deck rain clouds



“If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain”

~ said a wise fridge magnet I saw recently…




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