making progress

Wow, what a big couple of weeks.

We have all gotten over the flu slowly, a little bit is still niggling but this didn’t stop us celebrating Cid’s 1st Birthday with a bang! (of course you need two cakes!)

The little tacker is now one and moving onto bigger and better things like attempting to walk without holding on! EEEK! We have had a few tumbles, but he is getting better at breaking his falls..


While we have been off the boat staying with family for Cid’s birthday, we have taken advantage of the available babysitting and used this time to tick some boxes on the list of things to do.

Right now is the start of the wet season here in North Queensland (though it hasn’t really started yet) and we’ve had some big days of rain where we found a few areas on Ocelot that have leaked.

As previously mentioned, the old nav lights were a weak point (particularly the starboard side) so we set to work on replacing these, as the old ones were pretty shabby (still working) and would not be worth putting back on since we were taking them off.

We had used some tape as a temporary fix to the wet weather. It worked well although it left glue marks on the hull due to being on there too long. If there is glue to be removed, it seems this is my specialty. I cannot tell how much glue I have removed from Ocelot over the last couple of years while she has been getting her slow and steady makeover, but it has been a lot! I have found Eucalyptus Oil to be the best thing to remove glue from tapes or even harder glues. Obviously, at times with a bit of elbow grease and the careful use of clean stanley knife blade; but it has always done the job. I’m curious what cleaners you have found work for tidying up the mess of a job?


We fitted the new duck board to the port stern. Damon designed and built this himself to replace what was previously there… a bit of slightly rotten, not very strong timber slats. This new duck board is very strong (fibreglassed) and will make it a lot easier to get on board from the dinghy, in unison with the “pregnancy rails” we had made and fitted by a friend while I was pregnant with Cid. We just need a rope ladder to finish the job, which I am considering making myself… got any tips on how to do this?


Damon also replaced the fridge ventilation and made this area bigger due to the compressor overheating and wanting to run all of the time. We had Ian from The Laser Engraver (see info on sponsors page) make us up some vents, which are perfect. He also made our switchboards, which we will post soon about the way Ocelot is wired. This has made a big difference to the fridge compressor, we can actually have the locker closed and cushions in place now!

fridge vent

We decided to splurge and get an awning made as the heavy duty tarps just weren’t cutting it, plus standing under them was like being in an oven! Matty from John Sails whipped us up this new awning which fits perfectly and makes the boat a lot cooler. You can just see in the photo, the awning has some roll down flaps for extra protection from wind/rain for when we are out on anchor; we are now living in luxury!


We also, added insulation to the engine hatch lid and bay, though I didn’t take photos, I am sure you can imagine what it looks like… Today Damo is resealing some of our hatches as the glue has begun to loosen being in the hot summer sun and we are currently in hot pursuit for a new dinghy!

Overall we are making progress all around. The days are coming closer to when the lines will be let go and we will be off cruising!

What boxes have you been ticking lately? Are you close to reaching your goal?





2 thoughts on “making progress

  1. Hi Bec, Damo and young Cid. Gee you write a good yarn! Enjoy the best times of your life. I know, been there done that, the T shirts have long rotted away!!! I just saw on gumtree a C10 1985 model with all the livaeaboard stuff and 2 25 hp Yamahas for $25grand. I’m almost tempted to start again as soon as I get a new hip hop. ! is 4 monhts old and the old one feels about 90!!!! I’d pull the rig of it and just motor. Sail on. Phil.


    1. Cheers Phil! It’s never too late to start again and get some new t-shirts! As long as you are where you want to be, that’s all that matters! Hope you get back out there soon mate! Sail on. Damo, Bec & Cid 🙂


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