a little in the wars..

They say life is what happens when you are busy planning other things…

We have been a little in the wars over the last few days.

With the heavy rain we have noticed a few little leaks that required urgent attention and required a few new purchases i.e. new nav lights which are now on the list to install also a new water pump which was a bummer as the leaking one was brand new. Leak finding is always a fun mission, particularly in the middle of the night. I am sure it’s a fantasy to have a boat that does not leak? They do say sailing is a water sport…


Also, Cid has managed to find all the little bits that stick and poke out up on deck and down below. We actually had a little dash to the hospital the other day to receive some sterry strips and a little glue for where his forehead had decided to butt against a screw poking out from the aft locker at the foot of our berth (which was mostly covered by our mattress).

The nurse at the hospital reassured us it was nothing and I think really only put the glue and strips on it to calm our nerves more so than Cid needing it. But for first-time parents, being our first trip to the hospital in nearly 12 months (since he was born) we really haven’t done that badly, although we felt terrible for the poor little fella. We have since added sterry strips to the first aid supplies as we had overlooked these; you live and learn!


Cid, and now all of us are experiencing a bout of the flu; in January, I know! Admittedly, Ocelot is not the most comfortable boat in the borderline torrential rain, but then again, name a boat that is? Since we’ve been experiencing little sleep, high temps and lots of snot, we decided to abandon ship and head to Nana’s house for a little more comfort while we recuperate.

We were planning to head out for a shake-down cruise before all of these little misadventures occurred but hey, what are ya gunna do? We’re in no rush, that is the beauty of going cruising, no time frames; and we are very fortunate to have all of the time in the world.

We have family visiting next week and our little cabin boy is turning 1! We are looking forward to heading out there soon after we have shared this milestone with our family and friends.

One week to go and we will have survived the first year of parenthood! Whoohoo!

Cids turning 1a


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