Gee whizz time flies…

Gee whizz time flies… when you’re having fun… or so run off your feet, you’re not sure if your head is still attached!

It has been a while since we have written on here. I always wonder how people manage to write on their blogs all the time and do everything else that life has on offer… practice makes perfect, I guess.

We have been very busy doing bits and pieces on the boat, celebrating birthdays and getting ready for Cid’s first Christmas. I have also been volunteering for the last month and a bit which admittedly, has occupied more of my time than I originally thought; in between doing some dodgy sewing, trying to pack up house and trying my hardest to catch Cid when he lets go of whatever it is he has pulled himself up on to stand..


We have had a couple of good stacks and little bruises, but it comes with the territory of a baby merging into toddler-hood and also a little boy who is quite determined…

An update on progress, we are now onto the “little things” on the list, which every boat owner knows, no matter how many “little things” you complete there will always be more. But, we have achieved quite a lot over the last year considering we have completed a refit of our entire vessel inside and out. Ocelot really looks like a new boat and I will share some clear before and after shots soon.

We have continued with our baby proofing endeavours. Damon has finished building Cid’s cot and we have added some netting to our berth so that Cid can chill out in there also. (I will have to put a shot of the finished cot up soon, fate seems to be inhibiting us from taking one and when we do it magically disappears or gets deleted by mistake, hence the not-so great shot below – can you spot the air-con? got to love marinas!).



Damon set to work on the lifeline netting and has netted the front of the boat so far. Ascetically, yeah well it goes without saying what it looks like, but it definitely gives one the feeling of ‘confinement’ so in essence it’s doing its job already!





It feels like we have been harping on about going cruising for ever but it is finally coming to a head; and we are moving on board over the next couple of weeks and will be ‘liveaboards’ come the new year! Exciting times!

There is still so much to do, but looking back so much has been achieved of which Damon has mostly done himself with the support of some good mates who always happened to be in the right place and the right time (lucky them). We really appreciate the help we have received in getting Ocelot ready so that we can live our dream and it just shows us that the people that are closest to us support what we are doing and are excited for us too. Can’t wait for 2015!

What are your big plans for next year?



One thought on “Gee whizz time flies…

  1. Nice update guys, keep em coming. Hey Damo, there will be a twilight race on wednesday and Keefy may, I say may, be making it at last!!! Not many excuses left, rear nets are on, just the rudder case needs final paint! Cheers.


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