Little Sticky Fingers

Damon has been re-wiring the boat, which we will post more about later, but in doing this; we have noticed some things that required urgent amendment before little sticky fingers move on board.

For example, the thermostat for the fridge was within reaching distance for anyone over 1ft and is now safely tucked away in a locker. The EPIRB was out of the way, yet easy to grab for ‘all’ crew members and now has been relocated to a much higher location. You can imagine the how the scenario would play out if someone though that was a toy…

We have had to rethink implementing security measures for the companion way’s to detain our little mutineer, as even though these are deep I think he will be able to climb these in no time at all.

We are looking at using some of the life line netting to stretch over the entrance to our berth which sits aft so that Cid can have a big spongy play pen if he just needs to chill out while we are underway if he is not on deck.

All these little things to consider when baby proofing a boat to make sure sticky fingers stay safe. Cid’s customised bunk will be completed soon which means that sleep times will be a lot easier to manage when we are all on the boat for the day. We are still yet to install the life line netting, we hoping to do this soon on a day when we are both ‘hands free’ but on the bright side, each week we are getting closer and closer and by our calculations… in about three weeks we will be able to actually go for a sail! Yay!





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