To flip a coin or not to flip a coin…

We’ve had to make some tough decisions in our lives so far; however; we’ve always come out the other side feeling grateful and ultimately happy with how things have worked out.

I do have my innately optimistic mantra that “things always work out how they are meant to”, it may not be what you wanted or expected, but what will be, will be, so to speak.

I think Damon and I have each had our share of hard times, grief’s’ and struggles, possibly not as many as others, and maybe more than some. These are not likely to be things that we will share on here however; what we will share, is that these experiences have shaped our outlook on life, what we want for Cid, and the way we make decisions.

If there is one thing that we have learned from our experiences so far, it’s that life is too short.

You are given a period of time, be it 17, 58 or 96 years to choose what you want out of life; how you want to live it and what things you want to experience. Sometimes, life is taken away from you before you get the chance or when you haven’t quite been able to do the things you have wanted to. Sometimes, your independence is affected and you need to rely on others to help you achieve your dreams, which can be challenging to say the very least.

However life pans out, there are always going to be things that are out of our control; things we cannot predict; things we cannot change.

Right now, I think we all have a choice about what we are doing. To flip a coin or not to flip a coin, that is the question.

Admittedly, as reckless as it sounds, flipping a coin has often been a method of decision making that we employ as a. it determines the outcome for you and b. when that coin is in the air, you gain a sense of clarity all of a sudden and you then know what you want to outcome to be. (Please note, no coins were flipped in our decision to go cruising, this was a definite yes vibrating loudly from deep within our bones!)

I don’t profess to know much about life, as at the moment I still feel we are “waiting” to live it. i.e. waiting to get out on the water and start our big adventure. But really, every day is an adventure; an opportunity to live your dream and I enjoy every day as it comes.

Now I wouldn’t be a realist if I didn’t say making the decision to live your life a certain way or quit your job, sell everything and sail off into the sunset is easier for some than others. Others may have more risk involved, more to lose. But, I also wouldn’t be idealistic if I didn’t say, stuff it all and go anyway.

I think it comes down to the choices we make and the attitudes we hold towards taking risks, as living your dream often comes with risk and compromise. It’s not very often that someone can have their cake and eat it to, but it is possible.

We can’t know what the future will hold; and whether all this time and energy we spend waiting for the day we can finally live our dream will actually come into fruition without any major setbacks, or if at all. But dreams can happen now if we choose them.

So flip a coin, make a decision, set your goal, work to achieve it and go live your life, the way you really want to.


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