Travel Diary: traveling with kids

I guess this is a bit of a travel diary…Our recent trip to Port Douglas was our first “official” family holiday. We have been away with Cid before, going away for trips on the boat and have spent a couple of non-consecutive weeks in Townsville unfortunately for family health reasons, which wasn’t much fun but did end positively.


travel diary Port


But, this time was just about us, doing what we wanted to and going where we pleased.

The things I have learned from this trip and traveling with kids are not new things, parents all over the world deal with these things every day so I wont bore you to tears and rehash the importance of sleep and routine (even though the sleep part is especially important).

What I really learned, is that Cid is very resilient.

We were seeing new things everyday, meeting new faces and at times were surrounded by hundreds of people; and he chilled out, would hang back in his stroller or place his head on our shoulders if he wasn’t sure and then have a good look around and give a cheeky smile to a complete stranger when he was comfortable.


Travel diary baby wearing

We tried to be at our home base for at least one of his sleeps through out the day to ensure he had a decent one but this was not always the case. We did have a couple of sporadic days when all we did was chill out at home and take our friends dog to the beach, to even out things out, mainly because Damon and I needed it. Even when Cid was over-tired or perhaps over stimulated he was happy to be carried in the ergo baby with the hoodie over him or in the stroller covered by the sun protector as if it made him invincible.

And guess what happened on the first day of our two weeks away? The little tracker started crawling (sort of) more like dragging himself around the place, but gee wizz this kids got speed and loves hmmm lets see… electrical cords, remote controls, dvd player, cats tails… basically all the things you don’t want them to play with…but its exciting having him on the move!

travel diary chilling out


On our way home we were going to break the trip up and stay somewhere however; we just kept driving. Every time we stopped (for feeding/meals) it seemed to make sense to just keep going that bit further, so eventually we drove home. Admittedly, Cid had a little trouble falling asleep in the car (of course he would, since every other child on the planet falls asleep in the car!) so I spent a bit of time stroking his nose and a couple of times sat in the back with him. The last hour of the drive home, he had had enough being in the car (he wasn’t the only one) so I found myself singing ‘if your happy and you know it’ and ‘5 little ducks’ ; which turned into 30 little ducks with a dry throat; but we made it in the end.

Travel diary on the road

Overall, we had a great time away. There weren’t too many hiccups, one screaming night, a few sandfly bites and one trip to the optometrist, sounds a little crazy but all was well.

This just proves to us that traveling with kids can be as easy or as complicated as you want to make it. Your kids will be fine as long as they are with you and you respect their needs (like sleep). Being on the boat will be if anything easier, because it is our home. We will just be taking our home with us to see new places and faces and when we are done exploring for the day we will go home, relax, eat our dinner and sleep soundly in our own beds, ready for what the next day will hold.


Daintree Family Shot



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