We decided to take a short trip to the Daintree for a night. Can you believe we have never been before now? The previous times we have travelled to Port Douglas never granted us a lot of opportunity to play tourist in between visits with family and getting back for work, but not this time.

So we crossed the Daintree River and ventured into one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. There is just something magical about a rainforest. I don’t know if it’s the moisture in the air or the sweet smells of recent rain or just the ever green that goes on and on, but this place really enlightens the soul.

We got on the road by 9am (breakfast is generally a big deal these days; can take between 1-1.5 hours oh, and it’s pretty messy), hitched a ride on the cable ferry and drove to Cape Tribulation and were there in time for lunch.

Daintree Ferry

Daintree Welcome

We took a walk up to the lookout after I politely challenged a couple of tourists for throwing food scraps to the wildlife (by letting them know that this changes their natural diet, plus will not degrade quickly (corn cobs), plus there are about 20 signs on the entrance that say not to do this) but, my efforts to bat for the environment were lost when I noticed on the return from our walk they had not picked up their scraps like they said they would… and then I remembered why people hate tourist so much. One good thing about Cid’s slightly over-tired behaviour at this time was that these food scrap throwing tourists found him mildly annoying while they were eating their lunch, which of course is really the only pay back I would be able to get. I’m not usually so self-righteous, but blatant ignorance like this really pisses me off.

Daintree Family Shot

Any who, after a vent we continued on our way, checking the little nooks and crannies out on our way back to Cow Bay where we stayed at Crocodylus Village for the night. If you are into minimal this was like sleeping in a big tent… that had a proper floor and bathroom and was great! The Staff were awesome, so friendly and made us feel very welcome. We initially felt a little at odds… since we were two people with a baby and there was a group of uni students, some backpackers and some older travelling couples all ready to snap photos of cassowaries and Goannas as they went off on their night walk. We on the other hand, ate a leisurely dinner and then hung out with some locals at the bar while Cid slept soundly in his stroller complete with mozzie net. It was a great place to stay; I thoroughly recommend them and would stay again in a heartbeat.

Daintree Cow Bay

While we were there we explored Cow Bay. I wore Cid on our long walk up the far end of the beach and back and as comfortable as baby wearing is (and I’m all for baby wearing and do wear Mr 8&3/4 9 months a lot), my back was not friends with me after this. I tried to take some crafty photography…

Daintree Cow Bay


Daintree Photo

Daintree Photo 2

We saw some “beach art” that we assumed a local must have made. Whoever you are, you are a very clever and creative individual and we enjoyed your exhibition thoroughly! 🙂

Daintree Beach Art 1

Daintree Beach Art

The Daintree is beautiful and worth a visit if you find yourselves up in the north; It is a definitely a place we could live. I know it’s isolated and the wet would be challenging but that’s what appeals to us; it’s untouched and tranquil. The houses run on solar power, much like a boat and most people seem to adopt a simple and sufficient lifestyle, much like cruising. And who knows, one day this could be our street…

Daintree Street



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