Water based activity

Of course when you do any land based travel (or regular travel) there always needs to be some kind of water based activity to even things out a little.

This trip has been no exception. We hired out a pontoon boat from Port Douglas Boat Hire located at the Marina and took a little trip up the river (mainly to see where we can anchor next year when we come through on Ocelot and just because).

It’s funny our sight-seeing sounds more like “hey, there’s a heavenly twins (insert funny but slightly inappropriate joke from Damon about me shooting him if we bought a boat like that), there’s a Cirro; hmmm.. there’s not a lot of room to anchor here we’ll have to go up river more…” and then “oh hey, there’s a crocodile”.

Up the Port Douglas river we saw a few sunken boats, remnants from the last cyclone; a few crocs sunning themselves along the river bank and some local yachties out and about. We stopped to have a chat to a bloke Damon met a few years back who was aboard his trimaran; of course the conversation was boats, refits, modifications, performance etc.. we had to cut it short as we realised we were running over our hired period and discussed having a catch up later at the Yacht Club.

The weather was a tad gloomy, we got caught in a tiny shower on our way up the river but it meant that it was cool. Cid was sleeping snuggly in his stroller during the cruise and woke just as we got back to the dock, perfect!

Here are a few shots from our little adventure up the river..

Water Based Activity Port RiverWater Based Activity boys on watchWater Based Activity sunkenWater Based Activity croc1Water Based Activity Bec@helmWater Based Activity CrocWater Based Activity DamoWater Based Activity river shot Water Based Activity sunken2Water Based Activity croc yum


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