Old souls, salts and the North

Up north

We arrived in Port Douglas after a road trip via Townsville and Mission Beach and have been over a week now. I had planned to do some writing on here as we went along but to be honest; we have been too busy simply enjoying ourselves.

Nearly every person we talked to about our trip asked if we were taking the boat, which is a fair question I suppose; though the length of time we are going for (2 weeks) and the current weather situation would not permit such a trip (for us cruising folk anyway); but not everyone is aware of these things.

Damon and I have always been drawn to the north. We had thought about moving up here a couple of times in the past, though the timing never seemed right and life just didn’t pan out that way.

We plan to be back this way next year on Ocelot and stay around for a lot longer. We might even head back for the car and trailer, and our hairy child with four legs… but who knows what life will throw our way before then.

Old souls, old salts

Sometimes I think we are old souls… or maybe we’re just old! We’re not the type of people who wine, dine and meet people for drinks every night while we are away (though we do indulge occasionally). We’re the kind of people who get excited when we see a sign that says “museum 300m”, a second hand book store or a weird little trash and treasure shop on the side of the road generally in the middle of nowhere.

This thought did occur to me the other day when we took Cid to his first ever Maritime Museum in Townsville. It was a great little museum with lots of model ships and artifacts from the Yongala wreck which is located off Ayr, Qld. These places are great; they are run by volunteers who are dedicated people with a wealth of knowledge, old salts. I always learn something when we visit these places.

Our little crew member was on the verge of sleep so I doubt he took too much in… but I’m sure when he is a bit older he will be as keen as Damon is to check out these places.

This trip has opened my eyes to traveling with a baby. We tried to be minimal we literally brought a porta-cot, stroller, a box of nappies, clothes and an esky and the car was full! Damon and I have one backpack between us the rest is all Cid’s! its really not much but unfortunately takes up room…the lessons you learn.

Here are a few shots from our trip so far… I keep dreaming that one day I’ll get fancy SLR camera for a birthday present (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!)…


OldSouls_TsvMartimeM2 OldSouls_TsvMaritimeM3 OldSouls_TsvmaritimeM4 OldSouls_TsvMaritimeM5 OldSouls_TsvMaritimeM6 OldSouls_TsvMaritimeMWheelOldSouls_MissionBeach2OldSouls_MissonBeach3OldSouls_Port4mileOldSouls_PortOlliedogOldSouls_Portbabywearing



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