Thoughts from the lounge room: baby on board…

Thoughts from the lounge room

We are finally getting back to the boat after a few weeks astray. So getting back to where we left off, Damon is finishing the decks, building Cid a cot, and about to net the bow and stern areas so short people can’t fall off.

I have been looking into baby friendly sailing gear such as these babybanz sunnies; this child safety harness and these baby stinger suits as they are all going to be needed while we are out and about enjoying life on the water.

Most people, when we tell them we are setting off cruising with our baby on board, say what a fantastic idea it is to spend time as a family while Cid is young, making amazing memories while exploring many new places. Others are more skeptical, allowing their fears and worries to intervene with their common sense and assume that we don’t have any ourselves.

Not everyone would go cruising with a baby on board or young children for that matter, while some give birth mid-way crossing the pacific; some will wait until their children are older; others will wait until they retire. Some will cruise the coast, some will cross oceans, some may never leave the marina, and some may never step foot on a boat.

We are all different. Whatever you choose to do in your life, is exactly that… your choice. The only limitations you have are the ones you build in your own mind. Once the seed of an idea is planted, it needs time to be nurtured and grow and then the possibilities are really endless.

So, just for a bit education and inspiration…

This family write a lot about having a baby on board and of their experiences cruising with their first baby. They now they have three under three and are about to set off cruising again. When we found out we were pregnant we read their blog a lot which helped us make the decision to continue our cruising dream with our added 2ft crew member! So thank you Windtraveler!

Homeschool Ahoy are an Australian family cruising up the coast giving their children a unique and wonderful education through life experience. You may have even seen them sailing by?

And this family set off sailing around the world with little experience and have now been floating around out there exploring amazing places for three and a half years now! Pretty awesome really.

Just for a cross-cultural perspective these families spend most of their lives on the water and only go ashore to trade and buy supplies every few months. They suffer land sickness!

Whatever your make or design, dreams can be followed and ideas can come true… these are my thoughts from the lounge room..

~ Bec 🙂


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