Fun Race 2014

The Annual Great Whitsunday Fun Race is being held this weekend on Saturday {tomorrow}. This is something that Damon and I have always enjoyed doing with family and friends, dressing up and down, throwing the odd water bomb or two and even chucking a sickie from work to go. Damon has probably only missed a couple in his whole life time!

Sadly, we will not make it this year as we (when I say we, I mean Damo..) are still working on the decks and other bits and pieces that have been pulled apart to be put back together again since experiencing a few set backs of late (although some of those set backs have been positive!).

We are still waiting on parts to arrive for the engine as this had some unexpected sea sickness during the Warri Cup that Damo and some of his mates took Ocelot in a few months back, but i’ll let him fill you in on the details of this escapade another time…

So while we are mourning that we can’t take Ocelot and Cid out on Fun Race this year here are some snaps from previous times to reminisce. Some of these shots are from last year on Ocelot and some others are from a trip out on a friends Formosa 41 ketch.

FunRace1 FunRace2

We hope all of you who are heading out on Saturday have a fantastic time!

Tarrghh the wind be with yarrr!!



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