Life’s a little funny..

Life’s a little funny…. Sometimes it feels like we are stuck in this vortex of lethargy and everything is moving in slow motion.

It’s the old two steps forward, three steps back dance and at times it seems like we just cannot get ahead.

We have had average weather and two weeks of sickness swirling around us lately creating setbacks in ticking those ticks on the ‘to do list’.

Time may be becoming our frienemy as we are definitely down the other side of the hump of the year.

It’s hard not to get bogged down in negativity when you feel like you’re being held back. But life’s funny like that… I have always been eternally optimistic (sometimes to my detriment) and have always had the firm belief that ‘everything works out in the end how it’s meant to’. It may not be the way you wanted or planned but you generally gain some valuable experiences along the way.

To add an actual sailing reference to this supposed sailing blog post…

It’s like being 15 miles away from the entrance to an inlet, the sun is sitting just above the mountain tops, you are making ok progress and you’re thinking about what you are going to cook for dinner. Suddenly, the wind changes and is now coming at you 25 knots on the nose! You swear, you flip out (as you’ve been at it since 4.30 am with a top speed of 4.7 knots with an average of 3.5 {small mono}) and then you swear some more. You can’t do anything but tack.

As you are heading for New Zealand the sun starts to set, the stars come out and the big blue blends with the sky to become a bed sheet of black. You sit in melancholic silence for a while until you calm the f&*% down and think it’s not so bad, we are still floating after all. After making your way upwind, you check the clock to see it is now around 11pm and are now back to where you started so many hours before. You refer back to your charts and see that the inlet is not awesomely marked and the channel changes regularly due to shifting sands. Upon checking the tides you realise there won’t be enough water to get through the shallowest sections and start looking for refuge points in the bay. Lucky for you it’s a calm night, the breeze has eased off and there is little swell. You drop anchor close to 1am, you set the anchor watch alarm and flop into the bunk exhausted, wet and hungry.

Around 5 am the alarm gives a yell. As the tide has come in the anchor has started to drag, turns out it is deeper here at high tide then you thought in your delirium at 1 am. The sun is starting to rise and lights up the inlet and you see where you have been for the night. You scoff a piece of toast. As the tide rises, the swell picks up and you decide it’s time to make a move. You make your way into the inlet, which you can now clearly see the markings are out and are glad you didn’t attempt this at night. Through the entrance, down the channel you find a place to drop your pick. You have a quick wash; you eat and tidy the boat from the night before, then remain unconscious for most of the day…

We need to keep reminding ourselves that things do work out in the end (except for when they really don’t), it sometimes just takes a bit longer and a different route to get there.

It’s hard at the moment because we do feel like we are making little progress and life keeping throwing obstacles in the way. But I know that we will get there in the end and we will set sail early next year and all this hard work will be worth it. We just have to get through the weather changes to reach our calm anchorage, (all puns intended) our goal.

They say life is not all smooth sailing…. But.. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.




ps. Thanks for the tshirt grandma x



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