What we have been up to lately…

Sorry for the radio silence! You may have wondered what we have been up to lately (and if not I’m going to tell you anyway šŸ™‚ !)

Damo has been working on the decks… sanding, grinding, painting, filling, with more sanding and painting to be continued. Once this is complete that will be the last for the outside for the time being until we install new lifelines and netting for Cid.

He had planned to get through this in two weekends however; life has gotten in the way and slowed the process down. We love being new parents and enjoy every moment we spend with Cid however; to the boats detriment, we have been enjoying those moments more and more often. Little people are quite the time suck, but when they smile and laugh at you it makes it all worth it! But then you realise that the list is growing, not getting shorter, and we are over the half way mark for the year and are planning to leave in January!

But rest assured we have worked out a plan to get our buts into gear and to ensure we are spending enough time on the boat and together, as come January we are heading off hell or high water!

Another reason we want to get the decks done and finished, is so we can takeĀ OcelotĀ out on Fun Race asĀ it would be great to take Cid on his first Official Great Whitsunday Fun Race (last year he was in utero). Race Week is about to start which Damo will be participating in, so again more time sucked but hopefully we can pull it off! We shall see…

We’ll post some picks soon of the finished decks!


Stay classy,

Damo, Bec & Cid




Airlie Beach Race WeekĀ  http://www.abrw.com.au

Fun Race http://www.whitsundaysailingclub.com.au/offshore-racing/events/2014/great-whitsunday-fun-race


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