Sailing Cid to Cid

Our first venture out on Ocelot (overnight) as a family was to Cid Harbour, Whitsunday Island for a long weekend. We thought this was fitting since this is primarily where Cid gained the spelling of his name. Cid was three months old at the time (now 5.5 months)  and this was the first chance of a break away our little family had since he was born due to other family matters keeping us tied to the mainland.

The weather wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t poor either. We had a good run out of the bay and through the Mole Passage; things started to get a little lumpy crossing the Whitsunday Passage towards the harbour but all in all we had a cracker of a sail.

What did we do with little Cid during this journey you may ask? For the first leg, he was securely strapped to his Mumma in a carrier, where he slept much like a baby. For the second leg (the jump across the paddock) and for feeding, sleeping and chance to stretch out, we were down below relaxing in our comfy saloon and cabin (starboard) area while Dad was on the helm thrilled at the speed the boat was achieving.

Our berths are quite deep and wide which create a spongy playpen for Cid to be when Ocelot required the two of us to assist her. We also took his bouncer this trip so that we could have a secure place for Cid to sit and join us while we cooked and ate dinner.

While we were at Cid Harbour, squalls kept rolling over us and we were pretty much stuck on the boat for the first two days. Ocelot is an open deck boat with two companion ways however; we had a system in place with some waterproof covers which allowed us to have the hatches open on whatever side we were occupying at the time. On the Sunday, the sun finally showed itself and we took young Cid ashore to see his Harbour up close. Again, in the baby carrier while we headed ashore in the dinghy and while we explored some of the walkways and the swimming hole.

People asked if Cid enjoyed himself; to me he seemed as happy as he always is, with the two most important people around him. The trip home was much the same as the trip over, the use of the carrier and down below for feeding and sleeping; Mum even got to steer on the way back! (Meaning Cid was fast asleep and secure on the berth below).

Overall, the trip was successful for our first outing as a family. We did learn a few things, mainly what would make things easier for us and how we plan to baby proof the boat for when Cid becomes more mobile. We have plans to sail south after Cid’s first birthday and spend quite a bit of time on the boat but in the meantime we will spend a few more weekends away while we keep adding to the comfort of Ocelot for our little family.


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