What a beautiful day!


Our plans to go out for a few days didn’t come into fruition unfortunately however; we made it out there today and had a lovely sail around the bay.

Cid’s awareness of his surroundings has increased greatly since we took him to Cid Harbour for a weekend when he was three months (more about this soon). He seemed more familiar with the boat and also interested in looking at the water as it raced by Ocelot. He really enjoyed himself today and actually would not stand to be left below cosy on the bunk with his toys and demanded to be up on deck; so we put him on the helm!

Cid at the helm

So far, it is all about gaining experience. Cid experiencing the boat and what sailing is like; and for us getting experience in having a Cid on board, so far so good.

This was the last weekend for it before Damo sets to work on completing “the list” which involves completing the wiring, painting the decks and million other little things (all the big stuff is done see Refit for more info). It always seems to be the little things that you get bogged down in; some are necessary, others we can live without but would like and will probably get round to them when we are living on the boat (who am I kidding we’ll be too busy enjoying ourselves!).

I was also reminded of my list today; curtains, flyscreens, galley storage (quite the gendered tasks!) which I had told myself I would do in the 6 weeks off I had before Squid came along… 6 weeks and five months later, I still haven’t done it! SO… will get onto that.

Upon reflection of today, it’s so rewarding seeing Cid grow and develop; and know that he is going to have so many adventures, exploring the shorelines of anchorages we are yet to travel to as a family. I envy the childhood we are hopefully going to give him, and look forward to creating more memories!


Bec xx


**Originally published 22/06/2014


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